Need to get that homework done for school? How about another TPS report? Put “Write Or Die” on the case and you will write it, or suffer the consequences.

Dr. Wicked realizes that like donkeys, most writers either need a carrot or a stick to keep going. Whilst the carrot can be a tasty pizza left just out of range, some would-be authors only respond to a good whack from the stick. That’s where the “Write Or Die” application comes in.

After setting the web application up, you just start writing. If you goof off, start reading webcomics or chatting in IRC, it starts playing really nasty music at you. Start typing again and it stops. Ignore the obnoxious tunes long enough, and the volume will slowly start to increase.

If that’s still not enough to get your fingers back on the keys, Write or Die then begins to delete what you’ve written so far. Tough love, baby, tough love.

The application isn’t completely unfair, however, and recognizes that you may quite legitimately need to take a bio-break, and so comes with a pause button. But it only works once.

It’s a clever enough idea, but would any of you actually find this to be helpful?

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