X-Files Creator Chris Carter’s The After Shows The Moment Civilization Dies


Ever wonder what it’s like to realize the world is coming to an end? This might give you a pretty good idea.

Where will you be when you realize that the world, as we know it, has completely fallen apart? Based, on the trailer for the pilot of The After, a new Amazon Studios series written and directed by The X-Files Chris Carter, you probably won’t realize it until after everything’s already gone to hell.

The brief trailer shows a Los Angeles street crowded with meandering people who have abandoned their cars in the wake of an unknown world-staggering crisis. As it comes to light that the city’s power is down and the police are no longer organized, an explosion triggers a human stampede, like a starting gun signaling the start of the apocalypse.

Amazon Studios announced The After back in October as one of two shows that will mark the service’s first foray into producing serial dramas. To date, Amazon’s original programming has been relegated to comedies and children’s shows, few of which have garnered the success of Netflix’ shows. At that time Carter said the series “explores human frailty, possibility, terror, and the triumph of the human spirit.”

Amazon Studios determines which shows to produce by releasing their pilots on Amazon’s streaming service. The show will debut as part of Amazon’s second wave of pilots, which will be available later this year.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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