Bryan Singer says that he wanted to bring a little “Team Jacob” to X-Men: First Class.

There have been rumors circulating that Taylor Lautner, who played the werewolf Jacob in the Twilight movies, would appear in X-Men: First Class. Producer Bryan Singer has addressed those rumors, saying that they’re not true, but he wishes they were.

Singer said that he wanted Lautner in the movie, but Lautner’s filming schedule was just too full: “I wanted Taylor to do it, I really did,” Singer said. “He’s doing a movie in Pittsburgh called Abduction and then he’s got the next Twilight movie. We talked about it a lot, he is a friend, and I really wanted to make it work. It just doesn’t look like it’s possible to do it.”

The rumors suggested that Lautner would have played a young Wolverine, although as the character is over 150 years old, it seems unlikely that that was actually the case.

Singer was originally going to direct First Class, but was unable to due to his commitments to other movies, and the studio hired Kick Ass director Matthew Vaughn to take over. Singer stayed on as producer however and has remained involved in the casting decisions, a process that he describes as “fun.”

X-Men: First Class is scheduled for release on June 3rd, 2011.

Source: Blastr

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