X-Ray Glasses Allow Doctors and Nurses to Pinpoint A Patient’s Veins


The Eyes-On Glasses, created by Evena, let a caregiver look right through a person’s skin to find the best spot for an injection.

Among the new gadgets on display at CES this week was a pair of x-ray glasses designed to help nurses and doctors see right under a person’s skin. The Eyes-On Glasses, designed by Evena, allow the medical staff to clearly see a person’s veins without the need of extra devices and help from other medical staff. The image seen by the wearer of the glasses can then be shown on a connected tablet, which also displays the patient’s vitals. The glasses also have internal memory to document photos and videos and can transmit video images to other devices via 3G, bluetooth or wi-fi networks.

The Eyes-On Glasses are designed to work wirelessly, and make use of a belt-mounted computer to reduce the weight of the device. They can also detect any leakages from IVs hooked up to the patient, which can prevent the chemicals from escaping into other parts of the body and damaging tissue. The Eyes-On Glasses go into mass production this April, selling for a cost of about $10,000.

Source: Evena via Among Tech

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