X Rebirth Launch Trailer Takes to the Stars


The X Rebirth launch trailer features a gorgeous journey through some rough intergalactic neighborhoods.

I’ve yammered a bit about X Rebirth in the past but I think it bears mentioning again, just for emphasis, that the X games, above all else, are big. Not “big” as in a sweeping, epic tale with 100-plus hours of story-driven role-playing action; just really, really huge.

That size, and the near absolute freedom given to players from the moment they first step into the cockpit, can be intimidating. “What do I do?” is a common reaction, and “Whatever you want” usually doesn’t come off as very soothing. But that’s really how it works, and once you get yourself into that mindset, the experience can be pretty fantastic.

The X Rebirth launch trailer doesn’t get into the plot, the competing races or anything like that, because the truth is that most players don’t care. X pilots want to explore the spacelanes, make money, build a fleet and be a part of the universe, while the chips fall where they may; and the truth is that while most X trailers, including this one, have been well-packed with gunfire and explosions, it doesn’t have to be that way and for many players isn’t. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll shoot at something sooner or later but combat can be tough, and there are always other things to do.

X Rebirth comes out on November 15, exclusively for the PC.

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