Good news, comic fans! Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is still getting an awesome videogame adaptation, but it’s coming to the PS3 first.


This summer is a pretty big deal for Scott Pilgrim fans. Not only is the final part of the comic series coming out in July, the movie directed by Edgar Wright (the man behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz), and the videogame tied to the movie sounds like it might not actually suck. However, fans with PS3s are going to get to play the game before those with 360s.

GameInformer spent some time with the game recently, confirming that Ubisoft has made the game a timed exclusive for the PlayStation Network, which means that it’ll be coming to Xbox Live later on (though no release date for the 360 has been revealed). According to the preview, “how long 360 fans must wait after the August PSN release is still frustratingly unclear, but hopefully Ubisoft will let us know soon if we’re talking weeks, months, or even the dreaded year.”

The Scott Pilgrim game sounds fantastic: It’s a 2D brawler for up to four players, starring different characters from the comic and movie. Playable characters include Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Kim Pine, and Stephen Stills. According to the preview, extra characters, modes, and levels will be unlockable, though further details have yet to be revealed.

If you’re not familiar with Scott Pilgrim, the character is the star of an eponymous comic series that is pretty much unlike anything else on the market. The series tells the story of a 23 year-old Canadian slacker who falls in love with an American named Ramona Flowers, and winds up battling Ramona’s Seven Evil Exes in order to win her heart. It’s goofy, strange, and more than a little heartwarming. The movie looks great, too, based on the trailers that have been unveiled.

If we’re lucky, both the movie and the game will turn out to be as much fun as they look like they’ll be. The PSN release is slated for sometime this August, though Ubisoft has yet to confirm a date any more specific than that; hopefully an Xbox Live release date will be announced soon, too.

Source: GameInformer via EuroGamer

Image courtesy of GameInformer

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