Xbox 360 Holiday Bundle Confirmed?


Pictures have surfaced that seemingly confirm the previously rumored Xbox 360 holiday bundle, packing a 360 Elite in with two games: LEGO Batman and Pure.

Earlier today, we reported on rumors that there would be a special Xbox 360 bundle for the holiday season, and now – via Joystiq – it looks like we’ve got some sort of confirmation. This picture was submitted to Joystiq by a reader, and pretty clearly advertises everything that was mentioned in the leak: Xbox 360 Elite, LEGO Batman, Pure.

If it’s a fake, it’s an extremely good one, but as always there’s no way to know for sure until we get official confirmation. So don’t go rushing out to put your preorders down just yet. That is, of course, assuming you really wanted these two games for some … inexplicable reason. I suppose people might have really wanted last year’s bundle of Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones, too.

Because you know, heaven forbid that Microsoft or Sony bundle a console with games that people actually care about and would like to play. And no, this doesn’t count limited edition release bundles – I’m talking about games that just come bundled with every system you buy. What happened to the days where every SNES came bundled with Super Mario World, huh?

I have the sneaking suspicion that most of our audience will likely be more interested in that sweet-looking Modern Warfare 2 bundle, but hey. Maybe you could get it for your kid brother or parents or something.

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