Microsoft tells MCV magazine that after three years on the market and 25 million Xbox 360’s sold, they have finally bested their previous effort.

With the great console arms race of this generation already decided (Hint: Nintendo won), it’s the little victories that count. So when Microsoft’s VP of Interactive Entertainment Business for Europe tells industry mag MCV that they’ve finally managed to sell more Xbox 360’s than original Xbox consoles, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate.

“We’ve already surpassed the installed base of the original Xbox – which is a really significant milestone,” told Lewis.”We’ve been blown away by the appetite of people to consumer digital entertainment experiences.”

According to Microsoft, worldwide sales of the Xbox 360 have topped 25 million consoles sold, placing it well over its predecessor. More impressive, however, is that Microsoft managed to best their previous effort in three years where it previously took them five. Being first out the gate for this generation most certainly helped Microsoft achieve this goal so quickly, though Microsoft attributes its rapid growth in sales to the price cuts of the Xbox 360 in September of this year.

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