XBox Live “Leveling Service” Opens


The new company Levelmy360 wants to raise your XBox Live Gamerscore… for a price.

Levelmy360, using the tagline “power-leveling your XBox360 gamerscore,” is a new company that hopes people will pay them to do just that. Their prices range from $39.99 for 500 points, to a maximum of $299.99 for 3000 points. In a reversal of normal pricing strategies, their high-end packages work out to be more expensive than buying many installments of their low-end versions. By buying their 500-point package six times, a customer saves $60.00 off of their one-shot price, for the same number of points.

The idea of paying a third party to go through the “grind” of making virtual progress is not a new one. Sites such as GamePal have been selling their power-leveling services in MMORPG’s for years, now.

Developers seem universally opposed to this practice for reasons of fairness, as well as concerns over access to information such as credit card numbers. Though Microsoft has yet to respond to Levelmy360’s appearance, their reaction will almost certainly be negative. According to the XBox Live Terms of Service Agreement, Microsoft’s official stance on XBox Live passwords is that they “may allow you to have additional persons use your Service account,” but only by express, specific permission.

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