Xbox Live Prank Puts Two-Year-Old On Sale


Some malicious prankster on Xbox Live sent messages to users all over the U.S. advertising the sale of a woman’s two-year-old daughter. They even offered free shipping.

“I don’t find anything funny about it,” Christa Manos, the mother of the girl put “on sale” in the prank, told the Charlotte Sun. “When I saw it, I wanted to hurt someone.”

The message advertised the sale of a two-year-old girl and listed Manos’ phone number for interested parties to call and jokingly offered free shipping.

In the days since the message first made its way around Xbox Live, Manos has received a number of phone calls from XBL members all over the country who weren’t interested in buying her kid, but wanted to berate her for being a bad mother. Who knew that XBL folks cared about parenting? As can be expected from Xbox Live users, some just called her up to curse her out. “By the 18th or 19th call, I knew something wasn’t right,” Manos said.

The police have gotten involved and are investigating the matter, and have said that the perpetrator could face charges of criminal use of information. Considering they knew Manos’ phone number and that she has a kid, it’s most likely someone she knows and who has some sort of beef with her – Manos herself says she’s got a pretty good idea who’s responsible (and no I’m not implying it was Major Nelson, if that’s what you’re thinking based on the image).

[Via Kotaku]

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