Xbox Live Rewarding Gold Members Based on Gamerscore


With Xbox Live Rewards, you’ll receive gifts from Microsoft for your high Gamerscore.

Have you spent years cultivating your Xbox Live Gamerscore, hoping that one day, your greatness would be rewarded with more than just bragging rights? Good news! Microsoft’s Xbox Live Rewards program is now gifting players based on Gamerscore, awarding a “special gift” during the birthday month of players with a score of 3,000 or higher. Those with scores topping 10,000 will get 1% back on the Microsoft Points they spend each month, and if you’ve got a Gamerscore of at least 25,000 you’ll see a whopping 2% return on your monthly MSP spending.

Of course, you need to have an active Xbox Live Gold to rake in the rewards, and you won’t actually get any MSP back unless you spend some to begin with. And before you go on a shopping spree, be aware that the most you can get is 30,000 MSP during the entirety of this program. As for the special birthday gift, the fine print says it has an approximate retail value of 25 cents. Still, free is free, right?

Though one or two percent of your monthly Xbox Live spending might not seem like very much, it’s still nice to be rewarded just for playing games. Many gamers have Gamerscores that far surpass 25,000 points, so it would be great to see Microsoft open up even more levels of rewards, like free games to those with 100,000 or more. Xbox Live Gold members, you can sign up for the rewards program here, and just wait for the free money to start rolling in.

Source: Joystiq

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