Xbox One Automatically DVR’s Unlocked Achievements


Whenever you unlock a new achievement, the Xbox One DVR will automatically kick in and save the gameplay footage.

Achievement hunters often set their sights on ridiculously difficult tasks in the quest for that perfect gamerscore. But, whenever you unlock a particularly hard achievement, it lasts for but a moment, then is gone. Unless you’ve set up some kind of video capture device beforehand, you don’t really have anything to show for all your hard work. However, thanks to the Xbox One’s DVR, that’s no longer the case, as it will automatically record and save unlocked achievements.

Because the machine is constantly recording the last five minutes of gameplay, it will actually be able to detect when you unlock a new achievement, and automatically save a video of the gameplay leading up to it. This should let gamers create a kind of scrapbook of bragging rights.

YouTuber Champ Chong caught up with an Xbox representative at the EB Games Expo in Australia, and was given a bit more insight into how the console’s DVR would work. Recording is also made incredibly simple with the Kinect’s voice commands, simply saying “Xbox Record” will start recording, and you can even specify certain time periods. Perfect for those “you had to be there” moments in multiplayer games.

There’s no denying that achievements, arguably invented by Microsoft with the Xbox 360, have forever changed how we play games. Love them or hate them, they are obviously here to stay, especially with features like this being developed specifically for them.

It’s also nice to see some news about a genuinely cool new feature of the Xbox One among all the bad PR the system is getting.

Source: Champ Chong via Kotaku AU

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