Xbox One Gets Last Minute CPU Boost

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Microsoft is now in full production for the Xbox One and is still on schedule for a November 2013 launch.

Microsoft have announced one final performance boost for the Xbox One, which has just entered full production ahead of its November 2013 release date. A last-minute change will see the console’s CPU performance upgraded to 1.75 GHZ from 1.6 GHZ. This news comes after confirmed reports last month that Microsoft had beefed up the Xbox One’s GPU clock speed from 800 MHz to 853 MHz. Overall, it looks like we are getting a slightly more powerful machine than we first expected.

Xbox chief marketing officer Yusef Mehdi, speaking at the Citi Global Technology Conference, confirmed that Microsoft is now in full production for the Xbox One and is producing the machine en masse. He did not, however, offer a solid release date, simply saying that the system is “really going to shine,” and “This will be the biggest launch we’ve ever done by a wide margin in terms of units shipped at launch.”

For the record, Sony have yet to announce the PS4’s clock-speeds, but rumors suggest it is around the 2.0 GHZ mark. The Xbox One’s GPU shader throughput is now closer to 1.33 TeraFLOPS/s, while PS4’s shader is estimated to be around 1.84 TeraFLOPS/s.

Is this last minute performance update enough to sway you over to Microsoft’s side, or are you worried that they are still tweaking the console considering it will be on store shelves in two months?

Source: Geek wire (Thanks Phil!)

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