Xbox One infographic detail

Microsoft has apparently decided that big letters and small words are the best way to explain that the Xbox One is “your” console.

The Xbox One has had what you might call a bit of a messaging problem since its rollout at E3. Like, for instance, the message that if you don’t have a reliable, always-on internet connection, you’re a loser. Or that if you’re interested in backward-compatibility, you’re a loser. Want to share your games? Loo-hoo-hooser. Microsoft has made a number of changes to the system since but that big E3 presentation is a big hurdle to overcome, and from where I sit it hasn’t exactly taken a focused, coherent approach to the problem.

Enter “Fun Fact Friday,” a collection of Microsoft’s “favorite facts” about the Xbox One that explain very clearly and concisely exactly what you can do with the thing. And not only are the fun facts listed on the Xbox Wire, they’re also presented in a big, bold infographic, complete with a picture of some guy about to be skewered. I would’ve thought that Microsoft could have come up with a better game than Ryse to build this thing around, but hey, I’m not a highly-paid marketing pro.

Some of this stuff isn’t exactly revolutionary – the ability to pause your game is hardly dark sorcery – but putting it together like this is smart. While Microsoft talked and dithered and explained, Sony scored big points by keeping it simple with stuff like this. It’s a bit late in the game to figure it out but compared to what Microsoft has done so far, it’s a smart step to take.

Source: Xbox Wire

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