Xbox One Mod Adds Mouse-and-Keyboard, PS4 Controller Support


Not a huge fan of the Xbox One controller? You’ve got options.

Have you picked up an Xbox One without testing the new controller and now find yourself wishing you could play next-gen games something else? Don’t worry, friend. There’s still hope: A new update to the CronusMAX, an unauthorized cross-platform compatibility peripheral, has added Xbox One support, allowing players to ditch their Xbox One gamepad for a wider range of options.

Using the device, players can switch out the Xbox One controller for a DualShock 3 or 4, an Xbox 360 gamepad, a Wii U Pro controller or a mouse and keyboard. The video demonstration above also shows the modder using a third-party fighting stick.

“This is perfect for those who love their old 360 controllers,” explains mod creator Team Xecuter, “or had a real expensive modded 360 controller and now don’t have to worry about buying another, or want to use a PS4 Dualshock 4 controller or want that extra edge by playing with a keyboard and mouse.”

Though the device itself does not require users to crack open their Xbox Ones to use it, the software needed to get the CronusMAX running is an unauthorized software mod. Before you run out and pick this thing up, keep in mind that Microsoft can update the Xbox One OS and break the software at any time. Also, like any unauthorized console mod, hack or update, using it could void your console’s warranty.

Source: Team Executer via Eurogamer

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