Beginning today, all 500GB Xbox Ones will be receiving a $50 price cut.

The Xbox One has been outsold by the PlayStation 4 pretty much since the two consoles hit the market. The only exception was during the 2014 holiday shopping season when consumers, lured in by affordable bundles, bought Microsoft’s console in droves. Since then, the company has released several similar deals, giving gamers ways to purchase the Xbox One for less than its standard $400 price tag. Beginning today however, Microsoft has revealed that gamers will no longer need to wait for bundles and deals to get the console at better price. The Xbox One is getting a price drop.

The price cut was revealed this morning in a press release where the company announced that it will be dropping the price of all 500GB Xbox One’s down to $349. In addition to the new price, the company also confirmed recent reports pointing to a new version of the console equipped with a one terabyte HDD. The 1TB Xbox One will begin making its way to retailers on June 16th and will cost $399, the previous price of the 500GB units.

The press release also took a closer look at the new Xbox One wireless controller which, as revealed by another leak back in May, will include a built in headphone jack. The company indicated that the new controller will also come with improved audio compared to the current Xbox One controllers and an increased maximum volume for headsets “based on fan feedback.” Alongside the controller, Microsoft unveiled a new USB wireless adapter that will allow gamers to use the new Xbox One controller with Windows 10 PCs, tablets and laptops. The new controller will cost $79.95 while the adapter will retail for $24.99.

Source: Xbox Wire

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