Xbox One Supports Up to Eight Controllers

Xbox One Controller

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According to the Xbox One product page, the Xbox One controller will support up to eight wireless controllers. The console will come with one controller, and each additional controller is $59.99. The updated page also states the controllers have a 30 ft. wireless range and seamless profile and controller pairing by the Kinect sensing the infrared LEDs in the controller.

The Xbox 360 supports up to four controllers while the PlayStation 3 supports up to seven. Sony has not revealed how many controllers the PlayStation 4 will be able to support. Few games use that many controllers at once – the usual ones being party and sports games.

The controller uses rechargeable AA batteries and can be charged via a micro-USB cable. In addition, a low power state feature will conserve battery life when not in use, such as when watching a movie.

Microsoft has stated before that they are trying to find a way to make the Xbox 360 controllers work with the Xbox One. The new controller will also have an expansion port for add-on devices like the Chat Headset. Batteries fit inside the controller body in a slimmer compartment than in the Xbox 360 controller, and Microsoft has changed the contours of the controller to make it fit a wider range of hand sizes. Also included in the new controller are Impulse Triggers, new vibration motors for what Microsoft calls “a whole new level of gaming realism.”

Source: Microsoft

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