Xbox One Version of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Comes Out Tomorrow


Max and The Magic Marker sequel will land on Xbox One ahead of schedule.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, sequel to 2010 platformer Max and The Magic Marker, will be coming to the Xbox One Games Store tomorrow, December 20, according to publisher Microsoft Studios.

Like Max and His Marker, Brotherhood is a 2.5D puzzle-platformer where both puzzles and combat revolve around using Max’s orange marker to edit the environment. In Brotherhood, Max sets out on a journey to save his younger brother Felix from “unknown evil forces.”

The sequel’s release date, announced for both Xbox One and Xbox 360, was pushed back to “early 2014” in August. As of now there’s no word on when the Xbox 360 version will be released.

The Xbox One version will cost $14.99 on the Xbox One Game Store.

Source: Polygon

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