XCOM: Enemy Within Trailer Unleashes the War Machines


A new kind of enemy demands a new kind of soldier.

The big giggle in XCOM: Enemy Within, the “standlone expansion” to last year’s hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown, appears to be the addition of a new resource called Meld, a kind of pseudo-magic “stuff” that allows players to biologically or cybernetically enhance their soldiers to give them a better chance against new and even deadlier enemies. Basically, it looks like you’ll turn your guys into a bunch of giant fighting robots or load them up with telepathic mojo – always handy in a fight.

The trailer doesn’t say much about what Enemy Within will actually be like and viewers unfamiliar with the franchise could be forgiven for thinking that it’s a third-person shooter, or perhaps an RTS. But no worries – we have that base covered, as Josh Vanderwall spent some time with the game at PAX and wrote all about it here. It has fewer explosions but more information, which I think under the circumstances is a good trade.

Completely different games though they may be, the whole thing gives me a real Deus Ex vibe: Gunther Hermann and JC Denton together again, but this time without all the existential angst – unless that’s in there too. Now that would be cool.

XCOM: Enemy Within comes out on November 12 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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