Europe’s Electronic Sports World Cup opens itself to international audiences through Xfire.

The Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC), Europe’s leading gaming competition, has signed Xfire, a PC gaming community with 7.5 million members, to deliver the ESWC Grand Final event in Paris, France. Between July 5 and July 8, Xfire will host the ESWC Press Conference, which will feature world-class gamers open to questioning from Xfire members. Gamers with Xfire accounts can log into “Play With The Pros” sessions and learn from European’s finest electronic athletes.

“We are excited to partner with ESWC as they are one of the most prestigious gaming events in the Industry. Now, those fans that cannot be in Paris for the ESWC Grand Final will still be able to take part in the action by participating in the series of Xfire online events,” said Frederic Descamps, Senior Director of Marketing and Business Development at Xfire.

Matthieu Dallon, president of the ESWC organizing committee, added, “Xfire understands the importance of the ESWC Grand Final event to the global gaming community. We are thrilled that they will be connecting gamers to all the excitement.”

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