XToaster360 Will Red Ring Your Toast


The best way to sneak an Xbox 360 into the house is to disguise it as a toaster.

If your parents or significant other have been nixing the idea of bringing a videogame console into the house, you might want to try picking up YouTube user ncarouso11’s Xbox 360 mod. His XToaster360 might perform all of the same functions of an Xbox 360, but it looks like a four-slot toaster.

For the mod, Ncarouso11 took the guts of an Xbox 360 and assembled them inside of the case of a toaster. Just make sure nobody else in the house likes toast, because I’m pretty sure the Xbox 360 doesn’t like having bread shoved into it.

The XToaster360 is turned on by pushing a knob, which causes gorgeous blue lights to illuminate the toaster slots, while the Xbox 360 disc tray can be ejected by using one of the toaster’s levers. The lights on the front of the toaster that might normally be used to indicate the toast level of each slot are instead used for the Xbox 360’s status. Do not put this toaster on high.

It’s a very nice piece of work, and those wide open slots on the top make it seem like the XToaster360 has plenty of ventilation. It’d be even cooler if the XToaster360 could also make breakfast, but heating up bread and videogames are two things I think are acceptable to keep separate. Ncarouso11 hopes to sell the XToaster360 and to create more “bigger and better” mods like this in the future.

Source: Technabob

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