Good news, everyone! Zombies are invading Japan this June!

Have you been fervently-awaiting the Japanese release of Yakuza of the End so that Sega can turn its attention to releasing it here in the West? You know, that game based on the Yakuza franchise that seems involves a dude with a mini-gun for an arm fighting zombies? Well, it turns out that the game’s hitting Japanese store shelves on June 9th, and Sega’s going crazy with the game’s promotion.

The game’s set to receive a “tour” of sorts. Starting on May 14th, the game will be playable at four different shops each week. If you’re in Japan, 4Gamer has a list of the specific stores that will have the game on display.

Yakuza of the End was pretty widely-anticipated before it was indefinitely delayed due to the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. Prior to that, the demo was released on the PSN and there’ve already been a number of retail demo events. However, this new tour will give a “a commemorative support Japan A5 clear file” (pictured here) to anyone who takes part in it.

Source: Andriasang

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