We’ve been telling you for years that we can be bribed with a good batch of cookies, and one enterprising developer finally listened.

The Escapist gets hundreds of press releases in a given day, everything from new trailers, to screen shots, to mergers and demos. Being noticed in that crowd can be difficult, and people take different approaches to getting their particular game to stand out. Some try to be funny, (some actually succeed), some use “shocking” language, and some just hope the game speaks for itself. One enterprising indie developer, however, decided not to leave anything to chance and took the bold approach of bribery. Delicious, delicious bribery.

Jorge Rodriguez, President of Lunar Workshop, dropped off a package labeled “Attn: The Escapist” at our front desk. Inside was a batch of chocolate chip cookies and the following note:

Escapist Magazine,

We have your cookies. We have included their severed halves as proof.

Give us one article in Escapist about Digitanks and one guided tour of your headquarters or you will never see your cookies again.

–Lunar Workshop Team

According to a post on the Digitanks web site, Jorge got the idea after I mentioned at a conference that we could be bribed with cookies. He then went the extra step and got his mom to bake them. Well played, sir, well played.

I don’t see the tour of HQ happening any time soon, but here’s your post about Digitanks, Lunar Workshop. You earned it. Also, tell your mom the cookies were delicious.

Download the Digitanks demo and you, too, may someday receive cookies baked by Jorge’s mom. Hey, it could happen.

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