Yes, Your Grace is a management sim adventure game from Brave at Night. Set in the medieval kingdom of Davern, you play as King Eryk, who struggles to balance the needs of the people, his family, and the future of the kingdom as a whole.

Unlike many other management games, which let you build a personal narrative from your decisions, Yes, Your Grace focuses far more on a set storyline, which is well written and genuinely engaging. Characters have distinct personalities and motivations; it feels like their lives carry on before and after your involvement in their situations.

The game uses the management portion of its package to connect you to its story. So while it’s not complex, the characters you deal with are, and it’s a wonderful merger of gameplay mechanics being used to tell a compelling story. The game is available now on PC for $19.99 with a console release scheduled for a later date.

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Review copy provided by the publisher. Reviewed on PC.

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