Coming soon, “Easy Headshots” DLC for Battlefield 4, “Easy Drifts” DLC for Gran Turismo, and “Easy Boss Fights” DLC for Dark Souls.

One of the most iconic features of the Mortal Kombat series are its ultra-gory fatalities. Notoriously difficult to pull off, they actually offer no in-game advantage, and exist simply as a way for players to “show off” once they have already beaten an opponent. But what if you suck at button inputs but still want to rip out your friend’s spine in Mortal Kombat X? Don’t worry, you can now just buy easier fatality inputs! Hooray for DLC!

The Xbox Live and PSN stores for the game both offer packs of “easy fatalities” as downloadable content. The consumable items let players pull off the bloody finishing move by simply holding down a shoulder button and pushing a face button, rather than the traditionally complicated string of inputs. Players can buy a pack of five easy fatalities for $0.99, or 30 for $4.99.

Of course, players are given three of these tokens for free when they first start playing, although they are carefully hidden away in a pause menu and never fully explained. You can also purchase them using “Koins”, the game’s freemium currency.

I gotta say, we’ve really hit DLC rock-bottom here. I understand that developers need to make money, but, really? Sorry to sound like an old man, but back in my day, DLC like this was called a “cheat code” and it was free.

But now that this new “innovation” has been innovated, what are the most ridiculous “Easy X” DLCs that you can think of?

Source: Ars Technica

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