You Can Download Warmachine and Hordes‘ Rules For Free

Warmachine Hordes Free

Want to play Warmachine or Hordes, but need the rules? Privateer Press has released the Mark II edition books for free.

Even if you haven’t played a single miniatures game, odds are you’ve heard of Warmachine. Along with its companion title Hordes, Warmachine is one of the most popular and successful wargames ever made, still running after twelve years thanks to successful supplements. Now publisher Privateer Press is making it a little easier for new players to get started with free copies of the core rules. Anyone who’s interested can visit this website and download the Mark II editions of Warmachine and Hordes today.

Warmachine is set in a steampunk fantasy world where humans, elves, dwarves and other races wage war through magic and powerful constructs called Warjacks. Hordes uses a compatible system, but instead focuses on the combat between monstrous creatures from the non-civilized wilds. Each game places an emphasis on smaller skirmish battles and aggressive strategies, so ducking behind defensive cover isn’t the best approach. Each army has its own specific supplement, but the core books themselves are all you need to get started. Well, outside of some miniatures that is.

Given Warmachine and Horde‘s history, publishing the core books for free is likely a good move to pull in new players. It’s also possible the decision was prompted by competitor Games Workshop, whose Warhammer rules are completely free to download. Whatever the reason, it’s a great way to see if Warmachine interests you before dropping the cash on miniatures and army books.

The core books are available here, while physical copies of army books will be discounted until Sept. 3, 2015.

Source: Privateer Press

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