You Can Get Freaky With Your Fable III Co-Op Partner


Yes, you read that headline right: Fable III will allow people playing cooperatively to become “intimate” and conceive a child together.

In some ways, Peter Molyneux is determined to make Fable III much simpler to get into than the first two games. In other ways, he’s making it much more complex: According to OXM, you’ll be able to knock up (or be knocked up by) the person you’re playing the game with.

“The team seems committed to ensuring the [co-op] experience is in no way compromised,” says OXM’s Mike Channell. “You’ll be able to enjoy, ahem, intimate moments with your co-op friend and eventually produce offspring together.”

Boy, this just made the game much more awkward. How will this even work? Will you have to wine and dine your partner before you do the deed? If you’re playing a female character, do you have to carry the pregnancy to term? Fable III casts us as the King of Albion; does this mean I can’t take a roll in the hay with more than one person and father multiple potential heirs to the throne leading to a bloody war of succession?

And if I do this with someone I’m only playing co-op with once – and don’t intend to again – is that the Fable III equivalent of the one-night stand? Is GameCrush now actually virtual prostitution?

This feature might not even make it in to the final product (we could be looking at another “plant an acorn…” scenario), but I’m honestly not sure whether this makes me more or less likely to pick the game up. Huh.

God, I love Peter Molyneux.

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