New mount brings full hand/finger tracking to virtual reality.

The Leap Motion Controller has always provided an interesting way to interact with your PC or Mac. Hand- and finger-tracking brought air gesture support to machines that were limited by keyboard and mouse input, allowing for a new, if not fully realized, level of interactivity.

Now that same Controller is being brought over to the VR world, specifically with a mount for the Oculus Rift VR headsets.

The new $20 mount allows the user to attach his/her $80 Controller to the front of any Oculus DK1 or DK2 headset. The end result, after adding in the proper support code to the app or game of choice, is the abililty to emulate hand and finger gestures in real-time.

Leap Motion promises “near-zero latency” with the setup, and boasts a larger field of view than what Oculus currently offers in its hardware. In short: the controller meets or exceeds hardware benchmarks already set by Oculus, if Leap Motion is to be believed.

Check out the above video demo to see for yourself, as well as the launch page over on the Leap Motion website.

Source: Leap Motion

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