You Can Now Preload the DOOM Open Beta


If you’re planning to play in the DOOM open beta this weekend, you can pre-load now.

The open beta for DOOM kicks off this weekend, and now is the time to prep. You can now pre-load the beta on all three platforms, which means you’ll be ready to jump in and mix it up as soon as the beta begins on Friday.

The open beta will include two maps and two game modes. You’ll have access to seven of the game’s weapons, as well as one playable demon. id has also said that there will be new armor sets, new taunts, and new hack modules to try out.

Beta servers will open up at 12:00 AM ET on Friday April 15, and remain open until 11:59 PM ET on Sunday, April 17. If you need more info, you can find it over on the official DOOM site.

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