Pokémon and Minecraft: a wildly intriguing combination.

Minecraft mods are a dime a dozen these days. Likewise, absolutely anything involving Pokémon. You’d expect that a pop culture historian like myself would be so jaded by the duo that anything even remotely tied to Creepers or Snorlax would instantly lose my interest, no?

That what I thought too, until I saw Pokemobs in action.

In short, Pokemobs is a Minecraft modification that seeks to add all 151 of the original generation Pokémon to the Minecraft world. It was created by a coding duo self-named “SeaGoingManatee” and “Pwootage” and while the mod currently features only a handful of the old school ‘mon, they claim to be well on their way to adding the entire roster.

The neat bit is that the duo also added a number of game mechanics from the hyper-addictive handheld Pokémon roleplaying games as well. These Minecraft ‘mon aren’t just neat eye-candy, they can also be caught and raised, much as you would in Nintendo’s 2D world.

Unfortunately, that’s probably the biggest stumbling block for this project. While Minecraft owner Mojang is more than happy to support its fans in whatever sort of crazy modifications they want to develop, Nintendo has a nearly legendary litigious streak. The moment Nintendo notices this thing, the company will rain down a storm of furious cease and desist orders on its creators.

As with most such situations, the creators will realize it mostly futile to fight Nintendo’s legal machine and the project will die.

In lieu of this inevitable, bleak future, we should get our fill of (what I alone am calling) Pokémoncraft while it still exists. You can download the mod from the official Minecraft forums, and the post includes full instructions on how to get the thing up and running.

If any of you catch a Charmander in there, let me know. Since we can’t trade, it won’t really benefit me directly, but I like to know that all Charmanders are given good homes.

Source: Albotas

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