You’re Wrong


You’re wrong. What about? It doesn’t matter. Pick something. Scan your brain for an opinion you hold deeply, a fact the truth of which you are infinitely familiar or a subject in which you are a preeminent expert. Then make your claim and wait to be told, “You’re wrong.”

What is it about the internet, and gamers in particular, that make us so enjoy being the bearers of that bad tiding? Why in the world, of all things, have we made a hobby of telling people, “You’re wrong.”?

Is it the fact that gaming is traditionally the sport of those with personal computers and the brain muscle to operate them, i.e. “smart people”? Perhaps. As we know, intelligence is addictive and, at the same time, illusory. To paraphrase Aristotle, the smartest among us knows only what he does not know. Which means the rest of us assume we know everything. Hence: “You’re wrong.”

Wherever you go, whatever you do and whatever you have to say about it, someone, somewhere, will tell you, “You’re wrong.” Even if they, in fact, are wrong. If you don’t believe me (if you are saying to me right now: “you’re wrong”) then try writing articles on the internet for a while and come back to me when you’re done. I will revel in the opportunity to tell you “you’re wrong.” This is the way the world is and we, as a society, have gotten used to it.

Why do we enjoy this so much, telling people “you’re wrong?” I don’t know. I could advance a theory, but really all I’d be doing is opening the door for you to tell me “you’re wrong.” Even if I were a psychologist, or even played one on TV, and had first-hand, in-depth knowledge from which to formulate an opinion on this subject (which I don’t), I wouldn’t publish that opinion here because, as I’ve said, I know what the response would be.

So I’m not going to use this space to attempt to explain why we, as humans and gamers, relish the thought that we may know more than someone else, and therefore be able to tell them so. For me, it’s enough to know that this is, in fact, the truth. Don’t agree? Well, then I’m pleased to say that you’re wrong.

You know what else you’re wrong about? According to Jason Della Rocca, former Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association, you’re wrong if you believe that face-to-face interaction doesn’t promote creativity. Ronald Meeus thinks you’re wrong if you believe that videogames are “mainstream.” According to Wendy Despain, if you believe that making videogames is fun, then you’re wrong. And C.J. Davies thinks that you’re wrong about a lot of things, and tells you why.

This week’s issue of The Escapist, Issue 266, “You’re Wrong,” is about all of the things you thought you knew, but about which you are (…wait for it…) wrong. Disagree? Then by all means, tell us we’re wrong. We live for it.


Russ Pitts

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