YouTube Gaming Star PewDiePie Turns Off Comments For Good


YouTube’s biggest gaming star disables comments, says it’s for good

YouTube comments (and whether or not to read them) are one of the most hotly contested topics on the internet, particularly in the gaming sphere, with endless debates raging about freedom of speech versus availability of platforms versus the desire to manage one’s own channel. But Felix Kjellberg, better known as YouTube video game superstar “PewDiePie,” is apparently done arguing: He’s turning his comments off.

In a brief video message to his fans (also touching on his feelings about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge), Kjellberg explains that he feels that the YouTube comments on his videos are no longer fostering the kind of interactions he’d prefer to have with his fans, and that he prefers the responses he gets via social media. The decision, he says, is apparently final.

Recently profiled in The Wall Street Journal, PewDiePie is far and away YouTube’s biggest gaming star. His videos, which predominantly involve Kjellberg playing video games and reacting to them in often comical ways, are said to earn him $4 million a year.

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