YouTube User Breaks Call of Duty: Black-Ops Secret Code


A YouTube user claims to be the first man on the internet to break the code hidden in Call of Duty: Black-Ops, revealing a plot twist.

A man on YouTube with the username 01MaverickTen10 has posted the above video detailing how he cracked what he jokingly calls “The Maverick Code,” for lack of a better name.

The true accomplishment of cracking this code is noticing that there was a code there to break at all. Anyone who’s played the game (or most other FPS’s in the last decade) has seen the ‘mission intel’ that appears at the bottom corner of the screen when you start a mission often including what most would take as random numbers or gibberish.

But what appeared to be gibberish to most held the secrets of the ages to Maverick.

Taking each “Transmission Number” to equate to a letter in the alphabet (01 =A, 02 = B, etc.) and each “Designate Code” (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.) also corresponding to a letter, Maverick pierced the veil of mystery surrounding the code.

The message uncovered by the work of Maverick is…

Well, I’ll just let you check out the video, but I warn you: spoilers ahead! Beware!

Source: N4G

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