YouTube Videos Hide Secret Reptillian Game

If waiting for YouTube videos to load bores you, now the website features a hidden videogame to play.

It’s been discovered that a videogame is embedded inside certain videos on YouTube. Now the site’s visitors can play a game of Snake while they watch overweight children get demeaned by their peers.

It looks like the game is a recent addition as nobody seems to have noticed it before. Details are a little shaky but it seems the game can only be played in videos where the progress bar “pops up” when moused over. You can make the game appear by clicking on a video to activate it, then holding the left arrow key. After completing these complicated tasks, a series of linked dots appears, which is the “snake.”

The video cannot be embedded: You must go to the actual video page to play the game. It was first thought that the video had to be in the gaming category, but this isn’t the case. Just click on the proper type of video, hold left, and voila. YouTube Snake is a little lame, but it probably had to be to remain unobtrusive.

Snake is played with the arrow keys. Players move the snake around to collect the flashing dots endlessly. Every time the snake eats a dot, it gets longer, making the snake harder to maneuver without hitting the wall or itself, which results in a game over.

Back in May, Google added a playable version of Pac-Man to its logo. Google owns YouTube. Does Google want videogames to be part of everything it has its billion-dollar hands in? Let’s hope so.

Via: Kotaku

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