Due to their content-sharing policies, YouTuber Angry Joe is done with Nintendo.

With nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Joe “Angry Joe” Vargas certainly has some weight to throw around. He’s also apparently fed up with Nintendo’s rigid policies on the sharing of their content online, specifically where it involves YouTubers, so much so that he’s vowed to stop reviewing Nintendo titles for good.

After posting a Let’s Play video of Mario Party 10, Angry Joe received a copyright infringement notice. Unlike other copyright infringement claims, Vargas states that “what’s interesting here is that it’s not matching on a particular song, it’s just the whole…thing. Because there are Nintendo characters in it, the whole…thing is claimed.” According to Angry Joe, he’s spent over $900 on Nintendo-related products in order to produce his Let’s Plays and video reviews, but “that’s not enough for Nintendo. What’s enough for Nintendo is also monetizing anytime you share your content with anybody else.”

Nintendo recently launched a beta version of their Nintendo Creators Program (with a full launch in May of this year), and with it some strict guidelines on how Let’s Play videos of Nintendo content could be shared. According to Polygon, the Nintendo Creators Program allows “YouTubers [to] still realize ad revenue under the program, [but] Nintendo takes a 40 percent cut of it.” Another restriction? YouTubers in the Creators Program can only use approved games from this whitelist, and Mario Party 10 is absent from said list.

You can watch Angry Joe’s full video on his stance below.

How do you feel about Nintendo/Vargas situation?

Source: Polygon, via Angry Joe’s Twitter

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