You could definitely scoff at such an idea, but this live-action Simpsons intro is better than you might think.

The Simpsons has been around for a long, long time. I remember that my mother wouldn’t let me watch it when it debuted in 1989 because Bart Simpson was some sort of atheist terrorist. But the animated show created by cartoonist Matt Groening is now in its 22nd season, and it has spawned numerous videogames, a full-length animated film, and even a pornographic adaptation that made us throw up earlier this year. You might think that based on that vomit-inducing tripe that any live-action Simpsons adaptation would be bunk, but a creative design and advertising agency called Devilfish made an amazing recreation of the famous opening to the television series that is surprisingly authentic.

The short video spot was actually made over a year ago for British television channel Sky One, decrying that the satellite TV provider has always been the home of The Simpsons in the U.K. Of course, that means that many people outside of the British Isles may not have seen the spot created by Devilfish, which is something worth rectifying here.

Does anyone else suddenly think that a Simpson live-action film might not be a horrible idea?

For what it’s worth, Devilfish also made a commercial for the FX Western cop show Justified that excellently references the whole “Han Shot First” fiasco. The spot ran during the Super Bowl this year, but here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Yep, I’m pretty sure I’d have a good time throwing back a few with the guys at Devilfish.

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