This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Ys IX: Monstrum Nox.

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It’s always the silver lining about big game releases being dryer than a senior church warden’s panty liner that I can devote more time to the lower profile titles. The viewers get to send in heartfelt recommendations for their personal favourite indie and retro games, I get to tell them all to piss off, everyone’s having fun. So since it finally came out on PC last week I had a chance to play Monstrum Nox, the ninth game in the Ys series. Yus series? Is? Yes? Yyys? Well that’s one way to foil my usual “gradually corrupt the title” gag. Ys: Molesting Nonce is the latest in the courageously persistent and long-running Ys series of mid-budget Japanese action RPGs that’s been about three steps behind the rest of the industry its whole life but while the games have never exactly lit up gaming horizons like a napalm strike in nipple tassles I tend to find them fucking adorable. Like a little toddler coming downstairs at an adult party going “I’m a gwown up!” wearing daddy’s best jacket and waving mummy’s favourite clitoral stimulator. The Ys games are a sort of cozy, unthreatening place for me. Sometimes you just want to play a nice straightforward game where you press the button and the dude goes stab.

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