Yuggoth Creatures Shamble Forth from Avatar in July


Avatar Press has announced the debut of Yuggoth Creatures, a new saga of Lovecraftian monsters and madness set to debut in July with story by Antony Johnston (Alan Moore’s Yuggoth Cultures) and artwork by Juan Jose Ryp (Frank Miller’s Robocop), Jacen Burrows (Warren Ellis’ Scars), Mike Wolfer (Warren Ellis’ Strange Killings), Sebastian Fiumara (Steven Grant’s My Flesh is Cool), Matt Martin (Snowman), and others. Yuggoth Creatures becomes the the most recent project with ties to the Lovecraft mythos from Avatar, following highly-regarded titles Alan Moore’s The Courtyard and Alan Moore’s Yuggoth Cultures.

“I’ve been a big Lovecraft fan since I was a teenager,” says series scribe Antony Johnston, who wrote the sequential adaptations for Moore’s The Courtyard and Yuggoth Cultures. “And William and I had talked about doing something set in the Mythos for a while. But we wanted to come up with something compelling, that would set it apart from being just another Lovecraft pastiche. Then William suggested a bestiary, something that would showcase a great variety of art, while also being a kind of “Lovecraft primer” for comic readers who might not be overly familiar with the Mythos.”

“So I thought, well, what if we presented a bestiary written from one man’s personal experience, an extraordinary man who’d seen almost the entire Lovecraft Mythos and lived to tell the tale…? We continued to bounce ideas off one another, and eventually came up with the “memoirs” format that we have now – an intense rollercoaster ride through the whole Mythos from one man’s viewpoint, all weaved into a larger tapestry of horror, discovery and the fate of mankind.

“The artists have been consistently great, especially considering the enormous visual compression needed to tell these “memoir entries” in only four or five pages. And you can tell they’ve all really sunk their teeth into it, with fantastic creature designs and strong, spooky atmospherics. I think all horror artists love the challenge of drawing the utterly alien, something completely beyond human ideas of life. Yuggoth Creatures definitely presented those challenges, and every artist has tackled them head-on.”

Yuggoth Creatures is a 3-issue, 40 pages per issue series set to debut in July from Avatar Press. Read the incredible memoirs of Anders Ericsson, Professor of Anthropology at the notorious Miskatonic University in Arkham, and join the Professor as he starts an amazing journey through the Lovecraft mythos, from the queer inhabitants of New Surrey to disaster on the ocean at the hands of unseen forces, and the mysterious Dagon… Can he stay sane in the face of the universe’s secret history? See www.yuggothcreatures.com for covers, artwork, and information.

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