This is a bedroom worthy of the Wind Waker himself.

These days, more and more young fathers come from the generation that was raised on the classic videogames of yesteryear – generation NES and beyond. Understandably, these videogame-loving dads want to share with their daughters and sons the love for fantastic worlds of pixels and polygons that they themselves had in their youth. But few gaming dads go about it in a fashion as awesome as Cole Bradburn.

“As soon as I found out we were having a boy I knew I wanted his room to inspire adventure, creativity, and exploration,” wrote Bradburn on his blog. “When I was a boy, the Legend of Zelda series embodied those values for me, and the beautiful cel-shaded art style from Wind Waker/Spirit Tracks seemed to be the perfect fit for a young hero’s room.”

So, Bradburn enlisted his friend Wes Swain – who had proven his Nintendo chops with an adorable Yoshi’s Island nursery and baby mobile for his daughter – to work some Zelda magic on the room that would be the boy’s nursery when he was born. All of the art was hand-drawn on the walls, and you can see it as a work in progress at the end of the video.

The end result is spectacular and more than a little heartwarming. “In truth, I wanted to grow up in this room. I will enjoy it as much as my son will, maybe even more,” wrote Bradburn. “I can’t wait to rock him to sleep, telling him stories of heroes and adventure while looking at these walls.”

Frankly, I can’t imagine a better news post to be writing the day after Father’s Day.

Source: Cole Bradburn, via Destructoid

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