Longtime Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma hopes to create a game “as close to perfection as possible” so he can retire without regrets.

Some people can create a piece of art and release it the world, never looking back on the things that could have been better or different. Others, however, have trouble with this. They’ll work on a painting for years and never be able to let it go, always finding something that could have been improved. There’s always one more dab of paint to add or one more detail that needs correction. For Nintendo’s Eiji Aonuma, the Zelda franchise is apparently his work of never-ending art.

Aonuma, who has held a major role in the series’ development for more than fifteen years, recently stated in an interview that he “always makes these games with the thought that [each one] is going to be [his] last.” He keeps coming back, however, always finding something he wishes he’d done differently. “Every time we finish work on a [game], I always still have regrets, wishing that we could do this or that, and end up wanting to make another Zelda game,” he said.

It’s a cycle he recognizes as ongoing but can’t see coming to an end any time soon. “I guess that could come to a close if I finally make a perfect game,” he said. The odds of that happening are something he knows to be unlikely “even if I [spend] my whole life on it.” That said, he aims to “create something as close to perfection as possible not too far into the future” so he can retire without regrets. Aonuma’s next attempt at perfection, A Link Between Worlds, will release to 3DS in North America on November 22nd.

Source: GamesTM via Nintendo Everything

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