While Zeno Clash has been out for only a little less than a month, developer ACE Team is already starting to work on a sequel, they announced today.

Chilean developer ACE Team celebrated the near-month anniversary of the release of their debut game, Zeno Clash, today by releasing a post-launch Zeno Clash trailer. And casually announcing the sequel, Zeno Clash 2.

The announcement might seem a tad hasty, especially since the team was still releasing content for the first game as of last week. ACE Team, however, seems to already have very specific ideas for the sequel, which takes place after the events of the first game and once again follows the story of Ghat, who will “struggle against new and old conflicts” as he encounters some of the creepy characters from the first game as well as brand-new faces.

“ACE Team wants the next installment to be much larger in scope, so the new game will feature open ended gameplay with large explorable environments and RPG elements,” ACE Team’s Carlos Fuentes said. “The unique melee combat system that made the first game a success will also be expanded to feature even more brutal and engaging gameplay.”

That sounds good, but could you give us a second to play the first one?

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