Zeno Clash II Shows Off Some Moves


The first gameplay trailer for Zeno Clash II makes it look possibly even weirder than the original.

Remember Zeno Clash? It was a bizarre first-person brawler set in a very strange, primitive fantasy world. It was not without flaws, but John Funk described it in his review as “fun and viscerally satisfying… with intense and chaotic brawls.” He also pointed out that it was very short and lacking in polish, but it was a $20 indie game too, so allowances have to be made.

The hope is that things will be better for the upcoming Zeno Clash II, which will feature a fully-explorable open world packed with all sorts of new sights, creatures and weapons, plus most of the characters and enemies from the original. And even more weirdness, from the look of it, which is also good news, because you never know when some some publisher-type in a fancy suit is going to get all uptight about laying down a belly-to-back piledriver on a giant anthropomorphic chicken.

You can find out more about Zeno Clash II at – surprise! – Look for it to come out this spring on Steam, Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store.

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