Zombie Apocalypse Title Asks You To Craft Your Way To Survival


7 Days To Die is looking a bit pre-alpha at the moment, but the possibilities are intriguing.

Zombie apocalypse title 7 Days To Die‘s first trailer – chock full of pre-alpha footage, mind you – offers up some intriguing possibilities; imagine what it’d be like to defend that house, day in, day out. You’re scavenging through the ruins of a nuclear-war torn Arizona one minute, digging punji pits and hammering boards the next, because come nightfall, they hunt you. Better be ready!

Developers The Fun Pimps are putting together a massive, fully destructible world for your terrified survivor to scrabble around in. You can build your own defences of course, but be warned, the physics engine will punish you if what you put up isn’t structurally sound. That rumbling noise could be the roof about to cave in on your luckless head. Or your could just blow it up yourself, if you’re the sort that likes playing pyromaniac. But the big attraction here is the crafting system, in which you’ll create “hundreds of weapons, items and traps,” say the Fun Pimps. To get materials you’ll be mining, looting, and hoping all the while nothing shows up to munch on your unfortunate behind. Gameplay can be solo, co-op, or something called “zombie nomad,” which presumably has you wandering through a pastoral wonderland, patting fluffy bunnies on the head. Or possibly not.

If this is the sort of thing that intrigues you, head over here for a closer look. It’s very early days yet, but this could be something to sink your teeth into.

Source: PC Gamer

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