The audience members attending the 68th Golden Globe Awards might want to bring a shotgun.

AMC’s The Walking Dead has been a hit since its first episode, and now even the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is getting into the zombie craze. The Walking Dead has been nominated by the HFPA for a Golden Globe.

The Walking Dead will go up against Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, The Good Wife, and Dexter for Best Television Drama at the 68th Golden Globes award show to take place in 2011. Though Dexter has its fair share of blood, if the HFPA votes based on gore Walking Dead is an assured victor.

The show is a unique case in the television world, having been adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic book of the same name. After just a couple of episodes, it was renewed for a second season, with average ratings of more than 5 million viewers per episode. The ratings actually blew through the roof for Walking Dead‘s finale episode, with 6 million tuning in.

You could say that The Walking Dead represents a huge success for getting cool concepts adapted from “nerdy” media on television. Other interesting comic book properties are already being discussed for television adaptation with Walking Dead producers at the helm.

If The Walking Dead wins a Golden Globe for its first season, it’ll prove that a show’s subject matter doesn’t necessarily hold as much weight as how it’s presented. The Walking Dead is a mature, personal show, and not just about blasting zombies in the brain. It’ll also mean that we’re likely to see an acceptance speech filled with lots of “uhhhhhhhs.”

Source: HFPA

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