This Wii U exclusive title has a clever use in store for your controller.

Zombie apocalypse titles are ten a penny these days, but that hasn’t stopped Ubisoft from plugging away at its London-based Wii U title ZombiU. Its latest atmospheric developer diary really makes the setting stand out, particularly if you happen to remember the older version of God Save the Queen. “Confound their politics / Frustrate their knavish tricks,” eh? That’s the stuff to give ’em!

In this one you play as a survivor trapped in the decaying capital of England, helped in your frantic escape by members of the occult society Ravens of Dee who think they know what’s going on, the Prepper who’ll give you practical advice, and desperate Doctor Knight fighting to find a cure. It all revolves around a prophesy made by John Dee, astrologer and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I, who saw it all coming and tried to warn us, over 400 years ago.

The Wii U controller becomes an integral part of the game as your Bug-Out Bag, where you keep all your stuff, from med-kits to maps. Here’s the fun bit: If you die, your previous character becomes a zombie. Your new character? Well, he’d better be quick about finding his predecessor’s shambling corpse, because guess who’s got that vital Bug-Out Bag? Hint: It’s not the new boy. This is why Gabrielle Shrager describes it as a “deadly relay race”; someone’s got to get out alive, but it may not be the character you start with.

This Wii U exclusive title will be out November 2012.

Source: VG24/7

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