It looks like Zynga has another hit on its hands with CityVille, which debuted on Facebook last week and quickly became the studio’s best social game launch ever.

I suppose it’s bad news for anyone hoping that the air might be out of the Zynga balloon, but the demand for Ville-action on Facebook is still running strong. Zynga announced today that last week’s CityVille launch generated its best numbers ever, more than doubling the previous mark set by FrontierVille. That game drew 116,000 players on its first day; CityVille pulled in a whopping 290,000.

After a week of play, more than 2.7 million CityVille homes have been built, along with 500,000 bakeries and five million sections of road. It’s tricky to nail down what exactly that means after only a week of operation but it sure sounds impressive; possibly even more important, however, is that 25 percent of players are interacting with their friends games as well.

AppData reports that CityVille has already climbed to more than 1.2 million monthly active users, with more than 320,000 added today alone. That’s still a long, long way from the big FarmVille dog, which is rocking more than 54 million monthly active users, or FrontierVille, with over 30 million, but given the pattern of growth Zynga’s previous Ville games have experienced, it’s an awfully good start.

Source: VentureBeat

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