Fox finally stops hiding Josh Trank’s super-secret, allegedly troubled Marvel reboot

It hasn’t been an easy road for Chronicle director Josh Trank’s reboot of the Fantastic Four franchise. The project has been plagued by delays and a studio that has effectively buried any promotion for it. Rumors of on-set difficulties and radical changes to the classic comic book’s mythos have rankled fans, to the point that many are openly rooting for the film to fail – hoping that this might lead to the characters being re-absorbed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, Fox has finally released the first trailer, offering fans their first official glimpse of the film’s much-hyped “gritty” and “realistic” take on the First Family of Marvel Comics. The whole cast is present, but the trailer is primarily a mood-piece, offering lots of science-lab technology (the new origin jettisons the outer-space part of the storyline completely) but only brief glimpses as the Four themselves using any of their powers. Also unrevealed: Doctor Doom, though the character is supposedly present.

The final film (which reportedly draws inspiration primarily from the controversial “Ultimate” version of the team rather than the original Marvel Universe incarnation) is currently undergoing re-shoots but is still due for release on August 7th of this year. At this time, no tie-ins have been announced by Marvel Comics, which plans to end the Fantastic Four series over the summer in a move that many attribute to an attempt at undercutting the potential success of the film (the cast of which has already been gruesomely mocked in the pages of Marvel Comics themselves.)

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