Scrolls, the new game from Minecraft studio Mojang, is just one week away.

More than two years after the title was revealed, it’s almost time to dive into Scrolls, Mojang’s followup to the mega-hit Minecraft. The studio announced that an open beta will begin on June 3, just one week from today, and has also rolled out a “mini-guide” that explains the basics of the game’s mechanics.

Scrolls will offer opportunities to square off in matches against the computer, but the real action will be found in Challenge and Ranked matches against online opponents. Each player will build a custom deck from an “ever-growing library” of scrolls and bolster their abilities with special items that can be purchased with gold earned by playing matches or, in some cases, a “secondary currency” called Shards.

The game appears to bear a powerful resemblance to Magic: The Gathering, with a healthy dose of Archon thrown in for good measure. The presence of “shards” suggests that while Scrolls is a conventionally-priced, single-purchase game, it will also incorporate freemium elements.

Scrolls will sell for $20/£13/€15 depending on your region, and will be available for PC and Mac.

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