So Bronies, your thoughts on MLP:FiM season 2.

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That was a pretty good wrap up to a pretty good season. I think this was on par with season 1, though for some reason I felt the middle of this season was a bit weaker than the first. I can't exactly explain why, there are some really good episodes in there. Still, there was plenty of fun to be had all round.

As for least and favourite: Favourite is a tough one, there were plenty of excellent episodes to choose from, Sister Hooves Social, It's About Time, Luna Eclipsed, Read it and Weep, all good episodes.

My least favourite would be a toss up between The Mysterious Mare Do Well and A Friend in Deed. Those 2 episodes came off as pretty ham fisted and particularly unsubtle. Honestly I think Pinkie learned nothing by the end of Friend in Deed. I would make a mention of Put Your Hoof Down, but only because I don't think anything carried over from that episode. But the episode itself was good, so I can't really label it as one of the weaker ones.

I for one don't understand why anyone would want humans to appear in the show. Maybe I'm just hopelessly cynical, but I don't think my suspension of disbelief would extend to humans acting as, well, as good as the ponies do. And if they weren't as good, then I don't see what point they would serve other than to make negative commentary on human nature, which I get quite enough of from my other entertainment (and real life, for that matter).

Well, I like to think that pony culture is what humans would be like if they had magic providing enough food, shelter, etc. for everyone so there's no conflict over resources, an immortal ruler keeping the peace for thousands of years so there's no conflict over politics, and a physical god-empress that you can literally go up and talk to face to face, so there's no conflict over religion. You know how well-off college kids just can't imagine why anyone would fight petty little wars in south africa? Imagine if the entire world were that well-off and idealistic.

That said, including humans in Equestria would be a mistake. At best they're completely unnecessary, and they'd probably screw a lot of things. Not to mention giving some of the older viewers unpleasant G1 "Megan" flashbacks.

Good point. If they don't it would be a waste of a ready made villain/plot. Changelings start popping around Ponyville and other places sowing...DISCORD! which awakens the being from slumber AGAIN. And Da Da Da! another war only this time Discord just makes the elements disappear halfway round the world. (cause I'm assuming he can't destroy them.) And restarts his chaos empire. With the Changelings helping out for some reason i'm not smart enough to come up with.

Plausible. John de Lancie has confirmed that they had him to a voice for another episode which has not aired yet, so there's a high probability that Discord is back in season 3. And Chrysalis was just tossed out of town, not sealed in stone, so she could return at any time. Anybody have an information on Kathleen Barr's recent activities?

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