Precognitive dreams.

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I know what you mean OP, had a few in my time, nothing major (in terms of events and usually on a couple of seconds) and probably explainable (as many people have already stated).

Da pyro man 999:
For all those who don't know, a precognitive dream is when people dream of events that eventually happen. I have been having these dreams with alarming regularity and, while it is cool to dream something and then have it actually happen, it has made me very curious as to how is it possible that people can dream things that haven't happened yet. When talking to a friend, we discussed the idea that our perception of time as a species, being that it goes in a straight line, is wrong.(Yes, I suppose you could say that time wibbly wobbily, timey whimey stuff). So, what are your guys thoughts?

Want a million bucks?

Surprised this hasn't been brought up before.

I have had moments of precognition or intuition or gut feeling, you just seem to see the event unfold in your mind and then it happens granted these events happen a couple secs later its that feeling when watching a match and just seeing/knowing the other team will score before it happens. I was once at a busy crossroad and i just knew that there was going to be a crash before the lights changed, it was a low speed crash just some bodywork damage to cars. I read somewhere that it is plausible for people to see a couple of secs into the future because of sub-concious information.
Though precog dreams have never happened to me (though my dreams are fairly abstract and i rarely have them, that i remember) though if these are acts you perform in the dream, then you perform the same acts in reality that may be similar to a self-fulfilling prophecy, because you performed the act in the dream you then perform the act in reality. If your dreams revolve around scenes you witness and not involved in directly which then occur in reality thats a little more interesting and i can't advise you there.

Could you let me know when you get the Lotto numbers? Seriously, though it is probably coincidence unless you predict something really bizarre like Megan Fox doing a naked backwards crab walk. So unless you record it for proof then no. Myself I've forgotten things I've said and have had people forgotten things they've said(or so they said) to the point where they don't believe it happened etc. This is probably just deja vu as already said.

I've had many strange instances with what I thought precog stuff. I used to be able to tell know episode of certain shows was about to air. It was usually reruns or shows in syndication. It used to freak me out until a little reason creeped into my head. I used to fall asleep watching tv every night and I'd hear the commercials for the upcoming episodes. So when that show came on, I'd think "this is the episodes when X does Y" and sure enough, it was. I haven't had this issue since I took the tv out of my bedroom. I also don't really watch tv anymore so I'm sure that helps too.

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